Advanced Intelligent Computational Technologies and Decision Support S

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Previously published in hardcover
Barna Iantovics
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This book offers ideas, algorithms and case studies on such topics as intelligent predictive diagnosis; analysis of medical images; Medical Decision Support Systems; computational tools for fetal monitoring; Electronic Healthcare Record Systems and more.
Recent research on Intelligent Computational Technologies and Decision Support Systems Combines in a synergistic way theoretical developments with implementability of the approaches developed
Written by experts in the field
Medical Decision Support System Using Pattern Recognition Methods for Assessment of Dermatoglyphic Indices and Diagnosis of Down's Syndrome.- New Format for Coding of Single and Sequences of Medical Images.- Rule-Based Classification of Patients Screened with the MMPI Test in the Copernicus System.- An Adaptive Approach for Noise Reduction in Sequences of CT Images.- Intelligent Predictive Diagnosis on Given Practice Data Base - Background and Technique.- Towards ICT Revolution in Healthcare: Present and Perspectives for Electronic Healthcare Record Systems.- Compression of CT Images with Branched Inverse Pyramidal Decomposition.- Adaptive Interpolation and Halftoning for Medical Images.- Classification of EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces.- Negotiation-Based Patient Scheduling in Hospitals -Reengineering Message-Based Interactions with Services.- A New Generation of Biomedical Equipment Based on FPGA.- Arguments and Facts.- A Survey of Electronic Fetal Monitoring: a Computational Perspective.- Quantifying Anticipatory Characteristics.- The Anticipation Scope and the Anticipatory Profile.- Generating Sample Points in General Metric Space.- A Distributed Security Approach for Intelligent Mobile Multiagent Systems.- Day Trading the Emerging Markets using Multi-Time Frame Technical Indicators and Artificial Neural Networks.- Teaching for Long-Term Memory.- A Recognition Algorithm and Some Optimization Problems on Weakly Quasi-threshold Graphs.- Large Graphs: Fast Cost Update and Query Algorithms. Application for Emergency Vehicles.- Scan Converting OCT Images Using Fourier Analysis.
This book offers a state of the art collection covering themes related to Advanced Intelligent Computational Technologies and Decision Support Systems which can be applied to fields like healthcare assisting the humans in solving problems. The book brings forward a wealth of ideas, algorithms and case studies in themes like: intelligent predictive diagnosis; intelligent analyzing of medical images; new format for coding of single and sequences of medical images; Medical Decision Support Systems; diagnosis of Down's syndrome; computational perspectives for electronic fetal monitoring; efficient compression of CT Images; adaptive interpolation and halftoning for medical images; applications of artificial neural networks for real-life problems solving; present and perspectives for Electronic Healthcare Record Systems; adaptive approaches for noise reduction in sequences of CT images etc.

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