Abraham Lincoln's Cyphering Book and Ten other Extraordinary Cyphering Books
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Abraham Lincoln's Cyphering Book and Ten other Extraordinary Cyphering

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Nerida F. Ellerton
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This unique publication focuses on eight magnificent handwritten cyphering books prepared by mathematics students in England and North America between 1630 and 1835, including a missing page from Abraham Lincolns book reproduced for the first time.

1.Cyphering Books and the Cyphering Tradition in North America and Great Britain, 1630-18.- 2.Primitive Beginnings, Circa 1667.- 3."Thomas Prust His Booke Amen 1702".- 4.Daughters of the Revolution: Martha and Elisabeth Ryan's Cyphering Book, Circa 1780.- 5.With a Tinge of Green: Mary Watkins, 1820.- 6.He would be Good: Abraham Lincoln's Early Mathematics, 1819-1826 (This chapter was authored by Nerida Ellerton, Valeria Aguirre Holguin, and M. A. (Ken Clements).- 7.Sacrobosco's Heritage: Thomas Dixson's Cyphering Book, 1630-1632.- 8.Writing as if Arithmeticke: George Bickham's Cyphering Book, Circa 1740.- 9.Bound for Botany Bay? Circa 1791.- 10.From the Royal Mathematical School: Charles Page, 1825.- 11.Fit for a King? William Beattie, Circa 1810 and 1835-1836.- 12.Lessons from Extraordinary Cyphering Books.- References.- Index.
This well-illustrated book provides strong qualitative and comparative support for the main arguments developed by Nerida Ellerton and Ken Clements in their groundbreaking Rewriting this History of School Mathematics in North America 1607-1861: The Central Role of Cyphering Books. Eleven extraordinary handwritten school mathematics manuscripts are carefully analyzed-six were prepared entirely in Great Britain, four entirely in North America, and 1 partly in Great Britain and partly in North America. The earliest of the 11 cyphering books was prepared around 1630, and the latest in 1835. Seven of the manuscripts were arithmetic cyphering books; three were navigation cyphering books, and one was a mensuration/surveying manuscript.

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