Social Media and Emerging Economies
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Social Media and Emerging Economies

Technological, Cultural and Economic Implications
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Manlio Del Giudice
SpringerBriefs in Business
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Chapter 1 Introduction.- Chapter 2 Social Web Sites: Practices and Tools for Emerging Markets.- Chapter 3 Web 2.0, Social Media and Developing Economies: State of the Art and Practical Opportunities.- Chapter 4 The Institutional Foundations of Transition and Emerging Economies.- Chapter 5 From Information Society to Network Society: The Challenge.- Chapter 6 Emerging Markets, Social Network and the Question of Legitimacy.
How have social media in emerging economies evolved differently from the rest of the world? According to studies and anecdotal evidence, innovations in the use of social media tools occur more frequently in emerging economies than they do in developed markets. The aim of this volume is to show that in emerging regions (such as China, India, and South America) where the participation of stakeholders in the circuit of social media is more active (i.e., greater frequency of contacts and creativity in the elaboration of contents), organizations not only are involved in a set of exchange relations with other social actors but are also embedded in a network of dynamic relationships. The authors utilize social network analysis to determine how entrepreneurs in emerging economies identify their most beneficial social contacts and use those contacts to leverage the resources needed for their enterprises, revealing new insights on the process of business creation and economic development in the networked age.

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