Digital Systems for Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning
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Digital Systems for Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning

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Demetrios G. Sampson
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Presenting cutting-edge research papers from the CELDA 2012 conference, this collection offers multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed coverage of the latest innovations in the use of digital systems and technologies to enhance both formal and informal learning.

Digital Systems for Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning.- I. Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning: Theory and Practice.- The Opem Discover Space Portal: A Socially-Powered and Open Ferderated Infrastructure.- The Evolution of University Open Courses in Transforming Learning: Experiences from Mainland China.- Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs): Synergies and Lessons to be Learned.- Supporting Open Access to Teaching and Learning of People with Disabilities.- Development of Visualization of Learning Outcomes Using Curriculum Mapping.- Assessing Student Learning Online.- Theorizing Why in Digital Learning.- II. Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning: Methods and Technologies.- Mobile Language Learners as Social Networkers.- A Mobile Location-Based SItuation Learning Frameworkf for Supporting Critical Thinking: A Requirements Analysis Study.- Developing Technological and Pedagogical Affordances to Support Collaborative Inquiry Science Processes.- Learning in or with Games?.- Digital Game-Based Learning in the Context of School Entrepreneurship Education: Proposing a Framework for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Digital Games.- Stimulating Learning via Tutoring and Collaborative Simulator Games.- A Methodology for Oraganizing Virtual and Remote Labs.- Creative Collaboration in a 3D Virtual World.- Active Creation of Digital Games as Learning Tools.- Augmented Reality and Learning in Science Museums.- From Teachers' to Schools' ICT Competence Profiles.- I2Flex: The Meeting Point of Web-Based Education and Innovative Leardership in a K-12 International School Setting.
-          Assessing Student Learning in Online Courses

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