X-Ray Lasers 2012

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers, 11-15 June 2012, Paris, France
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Julien Gautier
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Contains recent developments and applications of x-ray lasers and other coherent x-ray sources
Coherent Pulses from a Seeded Free-Electron Laser in the Extreme Ultraviolet.- Enhancement of Efficiency of XUV Generation in Atomic Gases Irradiated by Intense Laser Fields.- Optical Transforms Related to Coherent Imaging of Inclined Objects.- Soft-X-Ray Lasing Down to 6.85 nm in Ni-like Samarium.- The LUNEX5 Project in France.- Real-Time Observation of Laser Heated Metals with High Brightness Monochromatic X-Ray Techniques at Present and Their Future Prospects.- Generation and Application of Coherent Radiation in the Water Window.- Regenerative Laser Cavity Tuning for Efficient Soft-X-Ray Laser Operation.- X-Ray Laser Developments at PHELIX.- Parabolic Equation and Exact Transparent Boundary Conditions in X-Ray Optics - Application to Waveguides and Whispering Gallery Optics.- Observation of the Laser-Induced Surface Dynamics Using the Single-Shot Soft X-Ray Laser Probe.- Nano-meter Size Modification of Metal Surfaces Induced by Soft X-Ray Laser Single Pulse.- Speckle Statistics, Coherence and Polarization of a Collisional Soft X-Ray Laser.- Upscaling of X-Ray Laser Repetition Rate Using an OPCPA Architecture.- Source Development of Novel Coherent X-Rays and Their Applications in JAEA.- Characterization of Zn X-Ray Laser at PALS Centre, Its Applications in Dense Plasma Probing and Astrophysics.- Time Resolved Holography Scheme Using a Table Top Soft X-Ray Laser.- Temporal Coherence and Spectral Linewidth of Neon-like XUV Lasers Pumped in the Quasi-Steady State Regime.- Spectral Broadening of Ni-like XUV Laser Lines.- Visualization of Rapid Dynamic Interactions by Flash Soft X-Ray Microscopy.- Using the X-FEL to Understand X-Ray Thomson Scattering for Partially Ionized Plasmas.- Development of Soft X-Ray Microscopy Using Fresnel Zone Plate for Observation of Laser-Induced Surface Dynamics.- Harmonic Generation in Argon by Femtosecond.- Demonstration of a 100 Hz Repetition Rate Soft X-Ray Laser and Gain-Saturated Sub-10nm Table-Top Lasers.- Repetitive XUV Discharge-Pumped Laser at 46.9 nm.- Line-Focus Generation for X-Ray Laser Pumping.- Spectral Linewidth Measurement of a Ne-like Ar Capillary Discharge Soft X-Ray Laser.- Defect Talbot Nanopatterning.- Imaging in Nanoscale Using Laser-Plasma Sources of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV).- Experiments to Diagnose Plasma with a Soft X-Ray Laser Double-Frequency Grating Interferometry.- Development of High Reflective Multilayer Mirrors at "Water Window" Wavelengths in IPOE.- Heavy-Ion Spectroscopy with X-Ray Lasers at GSI.
These proceedings comprise of invited and contributed papers presented at the 13th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers (ICXRL 2012) which was held 11-15 June 2012 in Paris, France, in the famous Quartier Latin, inside the historical Center of Cordeliers. This conference is part of a continuing series dedicated to recent developments and applications of x-ray lasers and other coherent x-ray sources with attention to supporting technologies and instrumentation.

New results in the generation of intense coherent x-rays and progress towards practical devices and their applications are reported in these proceedings, including areas of research in plasma-based x-ray lasers, 4th generation accelerator-based sources and higher harmonic generation.

Recent achievements related to the increase of the repetition rate up to 100 Hz and shorter wavelength collisional plasma-based soft x-ray lasers down to about 7 nm are presented. Seeding the amplifying plasma with a femtosecond high-order harmonic of infrared laser was foreseen as the required breakthrough to break the picosecond frontier. Numerical simulations based on the Maxwell-Bloch model are presented in these proceedings, transposing the chirped pulse amplification technique to the x-ray domain in order to increase the time over which the femtosecond seed can be amplified.

These proceedings also include innovative applications of soft x-ray lasers based on techniques and diagnostics relevant to topical domains such as EUV lithography, inertial confinement fusion, or warm dense matter physics.

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