Management Intelligent Systems
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Management Intelligent Systems

Second International Symposium
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Jorge Casillas
220, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Making Accurate Credit Risk Predictions with Cost-Sensitive MLP Neural Networks.- Multilevel Clustering on Very Large Scale of Web Data.- Memory, Experience and Adaptation in Logical Agents.- Mining the Traffic Cloud: Data Analysis and Optimization Strategies for Cloud-Based Cooperative Mobility Management.- A Web-based Software Model to Investigate Entrepreneurial Management.- Training Neural Networks by Resilient Backpropagation Algorithm for Tourism Forecasting.- On semantic, rule-based reasoning in the management of functional rehabilitation processes.- Advances in market segmentation through nature-inspired intelligence methods: An empirical evaluation.- Improving Index Selection Accuracy for Star Join Queries Processing: An Association Rules Based Approach.- The Utilization of the Moodle E-Learning System in Isra University.- Finding people who can contribute to learning activities: A first approach to enhance the information about experts available in a people directoryProviding Event Recommendations in Educational Scenarios.- A new generation of Learning Object Repositories based on Cloud Computing.- Technological platform to facilitate the labor integration of people with auditory impairements.- Keystrokes and Clicks: Measuring Stress on E-learning Students.- Integral Multi-agent Model Recommendation of Learning Objects, for Students and Teachers.- TANGO:H: Creating active educational games for hospitalized children.
This symposium was born as a research forum to present and discuss original, rigorous and significant contributions on Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) solutions-with a strong, practical logic and, preferably, with empirical applications-developed to aid the management of organizations in multiple areas, activities, processes and problem-solving; what we call Management Intelligent Systems (MiS).

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