2nd International Workshop on Evidence-based Technology Enhanced Learning
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2nd International Workshop on Evidence-based Technology Enhanced Learn

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Pierpaolo Vittorini
218, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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The 1st Release of the TERENCE Learner GUI: the User-based Usability Evaluation.- Promoting Digital Skills and Critical Awareness through Online Search and Personal Knowledge Management: A Case Study.- The TERENCE smart games revision guidelines and software tool.- The manual revision of the TERENCE Italian smart games.- Pedagogy-driven Smart Games for Primary School Children.- Technology and Elaboration of information in Aging: preliminary data of verbal vs. visual performance.- Use of Flight Simulators in a Flight Mechanics Course: Potentials and Weaknesses.- Supporting context-aware collaborative learning activities by CAFCLA.- Learning to be an Entrepreneur: Evidence From a Technology Enhanced Learning tool.- USALSIM: Learning and Professional Practicing in a 3D Virtual World.- How to Design Games for Deaf Children: Evidence-based Guidelines.- Simulation Still Rules: Modern Computer Systems Architecture Visualized and Laid Bare.- How to get a good job and improve your career - with a PLE.- Test My Code: an Automatic Assessment Service for the Extreme Apprenticeship Method.
Research on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) investigates how information and communication technologies can be designed in order to support pedagogical activities. The Evidence Based Design (EBD) of a system bases its decisions on empirical evidence and effectiveness. The evidence-based TEL workshop (ebTEL) brings together TEL and EBD.

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