Innovations in 3D Geo-Information Sciences
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Innovations in 3D Geo-Information Sciences

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Umit Isikdag
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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This book features  the best papers from 3D GeoInfo held in Istanbul, November 2013. It includes coverage of such leading-edge technologies as web-of-things, service and cloud oriented architectures.

Rapid Indoor Data Acquisition Technique for Indoor Building Surveying for Cadastre Application.- Calculating least risk paths in 3D indoor space.- The Temporal Dimension in a 4D Archaeological Data Model: Applicability of the Geoinformation Standard.- From 3D City Modelling to 3D Country Modelling - First Tests on Scale-Dependent Rendering on Mobile Devices.- Towards Automatic Validation and Healing of City GML Models for Geometric and Semantic Consistency.- Exploring the Role of Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks for Interpolation of Elevation in Geoinformation Models.- A Restful Service for Linking Sensors and Cellular Spaces.- Automatic Generation of 3D Networks in City GML and Design of an Intelligent Individual Evacuation Model for Building Fires within the Scope of 3D GIS.- Bavarian 3D Building Mode and Update Concept Based on Lidar, Image Matching and Catastre Information.- A Repository of Information Visualization Techniques to Support the Design of 3D Virtual City Models.- Empirical Assessment of the Suitability of Visual Variables to Achieve Notarial Tasks Established from 3D Condominium Models.- A Generic Augmented Reality Telescope for Heritage Valorization.- Developing City GML Indoor ADE to Manage Indoor Facilities.- Towards 3D Metadata for Discovering 3D Geospatial Models.- TOWARDS A PROPERTY REGISTRY 3D MODEL IN PORTUGAL: Preliminary case study implementation tests.
3D GeoInfo aims to bring together international state-of-the-art research and facilitate the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum in the fields of 3D data collection and modeling; reconstruction and methods for 3D representation; data management for maintenance of 3D geo-information or 3D data analysis and visualization. The book covers the best papers from 3D GeoInfo held in Istanbul in November 2013.

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