Practical Handbook of Neurosurgery. 3 vols.

From Leading Neurosurgeons
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Marc Sindou
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practical lessons from experienced leading neurosurgeons
Volume 1 Brain: Approaches, Vascular, Trauma, Cerebrospinal Fluid, and Infections Sindou M, Preface Techniques, Cranial Approaches Yasargil MG, Microneurosurgery: principles, applications, and training De Divitiis E, Endoscopy: principles and techniques Lunsford LD, Image-guided radiosurgery using the Gamma knife Black PM, How to perform surgery for intracranial (convexity) meningiomas Sindou M, The 'dangerous' intracranial veins Roux FX, How to perform subfronto-orbito-nasal approach for anterior cranial base surgery Al-Mefty O, How to perform cranio-orbital-zygomatic approaches Umansky F, How to perform middle fossa/sphenoid wing approaches Sekhar L, How to perform central skull base approaches Yonekawa Y, How to perform selective anterior clinoidectomy Marchal JC, How to perform approaches of the orbit Basso AJ, How to perform transsphenoidal approaches Crockard A, How to perform transoral approaches Mooij JJA, How to perform posterior fossa approaches Kawase T, How to perform transpetrosal approaches Vascular Lesions Hernesniemi J, Principles of microneurosurgeryfor safe and fast surgery Raftopoulos C, Surgical management of intracranial aneurysms of the anterior circulation Lindsay KW, Intracranial aneurysms in the posterior circulation Kobayashi S, Giant aneurysms Heros RC, Arteriovenous malformations of the brain Bertalanffy H, Intracranial cavernomas Benes V, Carotid endarterectomy Yonekawa Y, Brain revascularization by extracranial-intracranial arterial bypass Pickard JD, Management of intracranial venous pathologies - potential role of venous stenting Cranial Traumas, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Infectious Diseases Teasdale G, The Glasgow coma and outcome scales: practical questions and answers Hutchinson PJA, Cranial trauma in adults Trojanowski T, Hydrocephalus in adults (including normal pressure hydrocephalus syndrome) Schroeder HWS, Arachnoid cysts Lobato RD, Brain infections Abdennebi B, Parasitoses of the central nervous system: hydatidosis Diaz-Vasquez PP, Parasitoses of the central nervous system: cysticercosis Volume 2: Intracranial Tumors, Intraoperative Explorations, Pediatrics Intracranial Tumors Westphal M, Classifcation of brain tumors and corresponding treatments Thomas DGT, Stereotactic biopsies for tumors: indications, limits, diagnosis with histopathology and other laboratory techniques Laws ER, Management of (malignant) intracranial gliomas Loiseau H, Management of lymphomas Knosp E, Management of anterior fossa lesions Delfini R, Management of tumors of middle fossa Misra BK, Management of central skull base tumors Fukushima T, Management of cavernous sinus lesions Samaha E, Management of convexity meningiomas Sindou M, Meningiomas involving the major dural sinuses: management of the sinus invasion Kaye AH, Posterior fossa meningiomas Kassam AB, Endoscopic surgery for skull base meningiomas D'Haens J, Management of pituitary adenomas Steno J, Craniopharyngiomas Lobo Antunes J, Management of tumors of the anterior third and lateral ventricles Decq P, Endoscopic management of colloid cysts de Tribolet N, Management of pineal region tumors Dóczi TP, Epidermoid/dermoid cysts Pamir MN, Tumors of the fourth ventricle and cerebellum in adults Samii M, Vestibular schwannomas Bricolo A, Brainstem tumors George B, Management of foramen magnum tumours Régis J, Radiosurgery for intracranial tumors Intraoperative Explorations Unsgård G, Ultrasound-guided neurosurgery Hori T, Brain neuronavigation for deep-seated targets Tonn J-C, Brain mapping Deletis V, Intra-operative neurophysiology (ION) in neurosurgery Pediatrics Choux M, Specificities of, and changes in, pediatric neurosurgery Ciurea AV, Cranial traumas in children Chazal J,
"Practical Handbook of Neurosurgery" invites readers to take part in a journey through the vast field of neurosurgery, in the company of internationally renowned experts. At a time when the discipline is experiencing a (detrimental) tendency to segment into various subfields and scatter in the process, it can be worthwhile to collect a number of practical lessons gleaned from experienced and leading neurosurgeons. The book also aims to present numerous important figures in the neurosurgical community, with a brief overview of the vitae and main contributions for each. We must confess that we were sad that some of the most active members were unable to participate, likely due to time constraints. We are however fortunate that the majority were able to take part. As such, though not exhaustive, the book does represent an anthology of contemporary neurosurgeons.From the preface: At the very beginning of the project, our intention was to make a "poetbook". But month after month it became obvious that the work would be much more expansive; ultimately we produced three volumes. Nevertheless we hope that all the three volumes together will remain easily accessible and a daily companion. The pocket has to be more like a travel bag! We would like to thank all of the contributors; they have sacrficed their valuable time to deliver sound and critical views, and above all useful guidelines.

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