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Symposium on Lexicography X

Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Lexicography May 4-6, 2000 at the University of Copenhagen
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Henrik Gottlieb
109, Lexicographica. Series Maior
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Table of Contents: Norman Blake, Towards a Dictionary of Shakespeare's Informal English. - Wolfgang Viereck, The »Atlas Linguarum Europae« and its Insights into the Cultural History of Europe. - Tove Bjorneset, The Dictionary Project NORDLEXIN-N. - Jane Bottomley, From Print to Disc: Creating the Electronic Version of the »Cambridge International Dictionary of English (CIDE)«. - Ulrich Busse, Lexicography as a Sign of the Times: A Study in Socio-Lexicography. - Timothy Colleman, The Contragram Verb Valency Dictionary of Dutch, French and English. - Janet DeCesaris/Victória Alsina, The Representation of Figurative Senses in Learner's Dictionaries. - Bernhard Diensberg, Old French Loanwords of Germanic Origin Borrowed into English. - Ken Faro, Somatismen als Problem der Dänischen und Deutschen Lexikographie. - Henrik Gottlieb, Four Germanic Dictionaries of Anglicisms: When Definitions Speak Louder than Words. - Rolf Hesse, Grammatische Schwierigkeiten bei der zweisprachigen Lexikographie. - Lars Holm, 35 Questions and Answers about Editing Jesper Swedberg's »Swensk Ordabok«. - Jean Hudson, Categorizing Chaos: Text Types in CANCODE. - Olga Karpova/Svetlana Manik, Public Political Vocabulary: Model of a Dictionary. - Ksenija Leban, Towards a Slovene-English False-Friend Dictionary. - Anatoly Liberman, The Length and Breadth of an Entry in an Etymological Dictionary, Mainly English. - Sándor Martsa, Homonymy vs Polysemy: Conversion in English. - Geart van der Meer, Metaphors: How Do Dictionaries Scramble out of this Morass of Meaning? - Tadamasa Nishimura, Japanese Learners' Problems in Using English-Japanese Dictionaries. - Vilja Oja, Some Semantic Problems in the Translation of Colour Terms. - Kurt Opitz, The Dictionary of Connotations: A Viable Proposition? - Yoshiaki Otani, Who Uses English-Japanese Dictionaries and When? Their Bidirectional Working. - Gunnar Persson, From >Spinning Woman
onary production.

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