International Privatisation

Strategies and Practices
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Thomas Clarke
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This study is one of the most comprehensive and wide ranging research collections on the international experience of privatisation of industry and the marketisation of whole economies in the period 1979-1993.It covers the experiments in privatisation in the advanced industrial countries; the critical problems involved in the attempt to transform the command economies of Eastern Europe into free market economies of Eastern Europe into free market economies with private ownership; and the effort to add impetus to the development of the third world economies by moving from public ownership to privatisation.
Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contributors -- Contents -- Introduction: Privatising the World? / Clarke, Thomas -- Part I International Privatisation Policy -- Chapter 1 The Internationalisation of Privatisation / McGowan, Francis -- Chapter 2 The Legal Techniques of Privatisation / Daintith, Terence -- Chapter 3 Privatization and "Popular Capitalism": The Case of Japan / Okumura, Hiroshi -- Part II The Retreat of the State in the Advanced Industrial Economies -- Chapter 4 Privatization American Style: The "Grand Illusion" / Clements, Laurie -- Chapter 5 Privatising State Owned Housing / Murie, Alan -- Chapter 6 Commerce Vs. Politics: Compulsory Competitive Tendering and the Determination of Employment Policy in a British Local Authority / Colling, Trevor -- Chapter 7 Steel, State, and Industrial Relations: Restructuring Work and Employment Relations in the Steel Industry / Bacon, Nick / Blyton, Paul / Morris, Jonathan -- Chapter 8 The Partial Privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia / Hughson, John -- Part III The Marketisation of the Planned Economies -- Chapter 9 Privatisation and Democratisation in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union / Aage, Hans -- Chapter 10 The Role of the Banking Sector in the Process of Privatisation / Nuti, Domenico Mario -- Chapter 11 Privatization in Hungary: Wishful Thinking or Economic Way-Out? / Kiss, Yudit -- Chapter 12 Privatisation in East Germany and the Chance of Workers' Participation: A Problems Approach / Kreissig, Volkmar / Lungwitz, Ralph -- Chapter 13 Privatisation in Poland: People's Capitalism? / Tittenbrun, Jacek -- Chapter 14 Post-Soviet Privatisation and Workers' Self-Management / Catephores, George -- Chapter 15 On the "Third Sector" in Central and Eastern European Post-Soviet Type Economies / Gui, Benedetto -- Chapter 16 Privatization: East Meets West / Carchedi, Guglielmo -- Part IV Privatisation, the Public Sector and Development -- Chapter 17 A Comparative Study of the Policies Towards Foreign and Chinese Owned Private Enterprises in the People's Republic of China / Chan, Hing Lung -- Chapter 18 South Africa: Privatisation and Nationalisation in the Post-Apartheid Economy / Lazar, David -- Chapter 19 Privatisation of Public Enterprises in the Less Developed Countries'1 / Musa, El-Khider Ali -- Chapter 20 Public Enterprise and Privatisation in Botswana / Jefferis, Keith -- Part V Reconstructing the Public Sector -- Chapter 21 Reconstructing the Public Sector: Performance Measurement, Quality Assurance, and Social Accountability / Clarke, Thomas -- International Privatisation: Strategies and Practices St. Andrews University, Scotland 12-14 September 1991

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