Diabetes as a Disease of Civilization

The Impact of Culture Change on Indigenous Peoples
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Jennie R. Joe
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Introduction / Joe, Jennie R. / Young, Robert S. -- I. Diabetes prevalence in North America -- Chapter 1. Diabetes among Canadian Indians and Inuit: An epidemiological overview / Young, T. Kue -- Chapter 2. Diabetes and Indians: A clinician's perspective / Brosseau, James D. -- II. Tribal and regional studies -- Chapter 3. The history of diabetes mellitus in the Desert People / Justice, James W. -- Chapter 4. Many Farms revisited: Evidence of increasing weight and non-insulin dependent diabetes in a Navajo community / Hall, Teri R. / Hickey, Martin E. / Young, Terry B. -- Chapter 5. Diabetes among the Kiowa: An ethnohistorical perspective / Kracht, Benjamin R. -- Chapter 6. Diabetes among the Alaska Natives - The emergence of a chronic disease with changing life-styles / Schraer, Cynthia D. -- Chapter 7. Diabetes and pregnancy among Alaska Natives: Prevalence and sociocultural aspects / Murphy, Neil J. -- Chapter 8. Factors that influence the onset of diabetes in Dogrib Indians of the Canadian Northwest Territories / Szathmáry, Emoke J. E. -- III. Cultural issues and health beliefs -- Chapter 9. Traditional beliefs and attitudes about diabetes among Navajos and Utes / Tom-Orme, Lillian -- Chapter 10. Explanations of diabetes: Anishinaabeg and Dakota deliberate upon a new illness / Garro, Linda C. / Lang, Gretchen Chesley -- Chapter 11. Perceptions of diabetes by Indian adolescents / Joe, Jennie R. -- Chapter 12. Presenting complaints in a Navajo Indian diabetic population / Evaneshko, Veronica -- IV. Culture and diet -- Chapter 13. Diet, culture, and diabetes / Jackson, M. Yvonne -- Chapter 14. Food habit and cultural changes among the Pima Indians / Smith, Cynthia J. / Manahan, Elaine M. / Pablo, Sally G. -- Chapter 15. Dietary change among the Navajo: Implications for diabetes / Wolfe, Wendy S. -- V. Medical perspectives -- Chapter 16. Cultural barriers to delivering health care: The non-Indian provider perspective / Hickey, Martin E. / Carter, Janette S. -- Chapter 17. The Gila River Diabetes Prevention Model / Garcia-Smith, Dianna -- Chapter 18. Community approaches to diabetes prevention / Wilson, Robert / Graham, Carol / Booth, Karmen G. / Gohdes, Dorothy -- Contributors -- Index of subjects

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