Function and Expression in Functional Grammar

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Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Introduction -- The end of the chain: Where does decomposition of lexical knowledge lead us eventually? / Vossen, Piek -- Semantic functions in perspective - reconsidering meaning definitions / Rasmussen, Lone Schack -- Transitivity and the treatment of (non)prototypicality in Functional Grammar / Goossens, Louis -- A valence based theory of grammatical relations / Herslund, Michael / Sørensen, Finn -- The study of ergativity in Functional Grammar / Bubenik, Vit -- Object assignment in a Functional Grammar of Croatian revisited / Brdar, Mario -- Perspective, markedness, and paradigmatic relations between predicates. A case study of Danish / Falster Jakobsen, Lisbeth -- Syntactic functions, topics, and grammatical relations / Haberland, Hartmut / Nedergaard Thomsen, Ole -- Speech acts and information structure in Functional Grammar / Togeby, Ole -- Ancient Greek warfare - A case study in constituent ordering / Dik, Helma -- Contextualizing constituent as topic, non-sequential background and dramatic pause: Hebrew and Aramaic evidence / Buth, Randall -- Dutch subordínators and P1 in a Functional Grammar word order template / Braecke, Chris -- From CASE to FOCUS in the pronouns of some Wessex-based dialects of English / Paddock, Harold -- Auxiliary verbs in Arabic / Cuvalay, Martine -- Term-to-phrase mapping rules: A case study from Arabic / Moutaouakil, Ahmed -- On the generation of English temporal satellite terms / Connolly, John H. -- Not without you, I won't: Special utterance types in Functional Grammar / Ziv, Yael -- A functional typology of speech reports / De Roeck, Marijke -- Computational description of verbal complexes in English and Latin / Dik, Simon C. -- Prolog for a functional grammar of Hungarian: A programmer's look at grammar writing / Liong, Kwee Tjoe -- Expression rules using f-structures / Weigand, Hans -- Some formal and computational aspects of the Functional Grammar machine model / Bakker, Dik -- Subject index

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