The Culture and Power of Knowledge

Inquiries into Contemporary Societies
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Richard V. Ericson
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Part I -- The Culture and Power of Knowledge in Modern Society / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- Part II. Theoretical Perspectives -- Introduction / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- A Critical View of Modernity / Touraine, Alain -- The Techno-structures of Society / Böhme, Gernot -- Some Observations on "Post-modern" Society / Eisenstadt, S.N. -- The Idols of Technology / Leiss, William -- Part III. Knowledge, Experts and Expertise -- Introduction / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- Life-world and Expertise: Social Production of Dependency / Bauman, Zygmunt -- Experts, Counsellors and Advisers / Stehr, Nico -- Knowledge as Product and Property / Fuller, Steve -- Introduction / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- Modem Society as a Risk Society / Beck, Ulrich -- Science as a Societal Risk Producer: A General Model of Intersystemic Dynamics, and some Specific Institutional Determinants of Research Behavior / Schimank, Uwe -- Social Conflicts about the Definition of Risks: The Role of Science / Lau, Christoph -- Part V. The Economic Structure of Knowledge Societies -- Introduction / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- The Changed World Economy / Drucker, Peter F. -- Global Change and Economic Policy / Lipsey, Richard G. -- Learning and the Economy / Marquand, Judith -- Part VI. Empirical Analysis of Knowledge Production and its Social Consequences -- Introduction / Stehr, Nico / Ericson, Richard V. -- Scientific Evidence and the Regulation of Technical Risks: Twenty Years of Demythologizing the Experts / Daele, Wolfgang van den -- Expertise as a Network: A Case Study of the Controversies over the Environmental Release of Genetically Engineered Organisms / Cambrosio, Alberto / Limoges, Camille / Hoffman, Eric -- Expert Advice and Pragmatic Rationality / Rip, Arie -- On the Authors -- Name Index -- Subject Index -- Backmatter

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