Essays in French Studies
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Lucy Bolton
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Contents: Ann Lewis: Introduction: Reading and Writing the Frame - Nicola Jones: Seeing Through the Pictures: The Importance of Perspective in Manuscript Frames - Katherine Shingler: Framing the Text: Mallarmé's Un Coup de dés and the Arts of the Book - Hazel Beale: Framing the Fairy Tale: French Fairy Tales and Frame Narratives 1690-1700 - Kristy Guneratne: Framing and Authority in Genet's Miracle de la rose - Rachel Douglas: Transformation of the Framing Mise en Abyme in Frankétienne's Rewriting - Catherine Wheatley: Unseen/Obscene: The (Non)Framing of the Sexual Act in Michael Haneke's La Pianiste - Hunter Vaughan: The Travelling Frame: The Tracking Shot in Resnais and Godard - Michael Seabrook: Beyond the G(u)ilt Edge: Flaubert's Framing of the Bourgeois Mentality in Bibliomanie - Charlie Mansfield: Paris Framed: Twentieth-Century French Writers Crossing the City - Gerri Kimber: Translation as Hagiographical Weapon or How the French Framed Katherine Mansfield - Ruth Hemus: Outside the Frame? Women in Paris Dada.
Broaching the notion of the 'frame' from a variety of analytic perspectives, and employing a range of approaches, this collection of articles engages with contemporary debates on text and image relations, literary reception and translation, narratology and cinematographic technique. The various contributions to this collection provide new readings in their respective fields, and share a common concern with exploring the productive and problematic notion of the 'frame' and of 'framing' in a wide variety of cultural media in French Studies. This interdisciplinary analysis of literary and theoretical texts, visual art and film allows for fruitful connections to be made at the level of analysis of themes and of methodology. It thus provides material that is of interest both to specialists in these fields, and also to those seeking a more general introduction to each area. This collection of articles is selected from the proceedings of the 'Framed! in French Studies' workshop, held at the Institut Français in London in February 2006.