Conflict and Gender in Latin American Narratives by Women
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Par Kumaraswami
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Contents: Marjorie Agosín: Preface - Par Kumaraswami/Niamh Thornton: Introduction - María de la Cinta Ramblado-Minero: 'Para sobrevivir a mi propio espanto': Las primeras ficciones de Isabel Allende y el conflicto político en América Latina - Andrea O'Reilly Herrera: The 'Poetics' of Resistance: Three Cuban Artists in the Diaspora - Kitty Millet: An Old Family Narrative: Rethinking Testimonio and Gender - Leslie Goss Erickson: In the Shadow of Salomé: Woman's Heroic Journey in Julia Álvarez's In the Name of Salomé - Margaret Power: 'The Most Revolutionary Figure in Chile is La Mujer': Narratives of the Anti-Allende Women's Movement - Sarah Bowskill: Yo también Adelita: A National Allegory of the Mexican Revolution and a Call for Women's Suffrage - Lorna Shaughnessy: Problemas de la transición: Sexual emancipation and social transformation in the poetry of Gioconda Belli - Par Kumaraswami: 'El Día Que No Haya Combate Será Un Día Perdido' (Antonio Maceo): Conflict as Catalyst of Self-Transformation in Women's Testimonial Writing from Revolutionary Cuba - Niamh Thornton: In the Line of Fire: Love and Violence in Mastretta and Belli.
This book collects essays which discuss women's representation of women and the war story in Latin American literature, looking in particular at their experiences, historical contexts, and their political and creative aims. This collection draws together for the first time a range of narratives of conflict and revolution as represented by Latin American women writers. By embracing a broad definition of conflict and by engaging with a wide range of narratives of conflict, it provides a space for multiple and complex versions of subjectivity, writing and experience-in-conflict to co-exist.

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