Contemporary French Cultures and Societies

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Frédéric Royall
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Contents: Frédéric Royall: Introduction - Louis Chauvel (Translated by Frédéric Royall): A New French Society? The Debate on Social Change - Peter Fysh: Developments in French Party Politics - Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan: The French Economy in the Throes of Increased Openness - Gavin Bowd: The End of the Affair? Intellectuals in Contemporary France - Sarah Waters: Social Movements and Social Exclusion in the New France - Roger Duclaud-Williams: The Politics and Policy of Education in France - David Thompson: French Euroscepticism in the 1990s - Martin Chappell: The Press and the State - Mairéad Seery: Tout finit par des chansons? Developments in French Popular Music - Mary Noonan: Writing for the Contemporary French Stage: The Reconciliation of Body and Word - Laurent Marie: The French Cinema Today - Maeve Conrick: The Status of the French Language in Quebec and Canada: Contemporary Issues and Developments - Margaret Gibbon: Un homme sur deux est une femme: Gender and Language Reform in Francophone Countries - Willy Clijsters: Motivating Learners of French in Flanders - Bríd ní Chonaill: The Case of Regional and Minority Languages in France - Mina Aït'MBark: Francophone Literatures from the Maghreb - Christine O'Dowd-Smyth: Developments in Diasporic North African Literature of French Expression: The 'Indeterminacy of Diasporic Identity' of the Second Generation of Immigration - Catherine Khordoc: Towards a Transcultural Literary Tradition in Quebec - Maeve McCusker: The Explosion of Utterance: Locating Recent Caribbean Writing in French - Francesca Counihan: Women's Writing in Contemporary France.
Designed to cater for the growing interest in French studies, this volume assembles contributions about various aspects of change in a number of contemporary French-speaking societies. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book expands on the traditional concepts of French studies focusing on language and literature and embraces politics, economics and cultural studies. The volume is divided into four parts and includes contributions from leading European specialists. Collectively, the contributions span the broad fields of Politics and Society, Arts and Culture, the French Language, and Francophone Literatures. Individual chapters review and analyse contemporary issues, debates and developments in the contributors' specialist areas. The contributions address the many requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students in French Studies which makes this collection of essays of considerable value to the specialist reader as well as to those looking for a more general understanding of key contemporary issues in French Studies.