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Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies

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Qing Xue Huang
Trans Tech Publications
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).This volume comprises a collection of reviews of the latest advances in, and applications of, state-of-the-art rolling equipment and technologies. The articles are peer-reviewed, and cover a broad range of topics: advanced rolling processes, equipment and technologies for strip, plate, pipe, bar, profile and wire; special rolling equipment and technologies; advanced shearing and levelling equipment and technologies for strip, plate, pipe, bar, profile and wire; advanced testing instruments for rolling, shearing, levelling processes and rolled metal quality; advanced automatic control technologies for rolling, shearing and levelling processes; mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of rolling, shearing and levelling processes; assembly and maintenance of rolling equipment.This book will be a useful reference manual for professionals, working in the field of rolling equipment and associated technologies, who wish to contribute to making advances in those fields.The September 2010 symposium generated over 100 papers on the current status of metal rolling technology in terms of applied fundamentals, rolling technologies, materials science and processing, leveling and shearing, testing, and related research and development. Among the topics are correlating assessment parameters on geometrical features of surface texture, a feasibility analysis of solving contact problems of roller bearings by the finite element method, an improved element-free method for compressing a cylindric tube, design considerations in high strength plate levelers, testing stress and analyzing strength of a vibrating cooler, and different circular saw structures for reducing saw noise.

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