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Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

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Shaobo Zhong
Trans Tech Publications
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).The aim of this special volume is to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the best practice with regard to Advanced Intelligent Structures, Bio-Inspired Smart Materials and Structures, Active Materials, Mechanics and Behavior, Vibration and Control, Modeling, Simulation, Control and Applications, etc. It will provide an opportunity for engineers and scientists, in academia, industry and government, to address the most innovative research and new development, including technical challenges, social and economic issues, and to discuss their ideas, results, work-in-progress and experience concerning all aspects of Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control.The more than 200 papers selected for this collection were originally presented during the International Conference on Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control held in Chongqing, China, in January 2011. The wide variety of topics include: flutter analysis of compressor blades based on CFD/CSD, stability of neutral systems with time-varying delay, a smooth flow of traffic circles model, the control of stochastic resonance by harmonic signal, adaptive polynomial approximation to circular arcs, research on network security and data encryption, finite element simulation of springback in sheet metal forming, a study on the collective effect of industrial clusters, the structure of a group byproduct, and more. Editors are Zhong, Cheng, and Qu, for whom no background information is given.

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