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Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

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Jitai Niu
Trans Tech Publications
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This specialist work comprises 249 peer-reviewed papers on the "e;Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing"e;.Physical and numerical simulations make it possible for materials science to progress from the experience-based to the science-based, and from the qualitative to the quantitative. Physical simulations, which effectively reveal the fundamentals of the evolution of the structures and properties of materials save significant amounts of time and money. Meanwhile, numerical simulations make real the experimental "e;mission impossible"e; of achieving the full description and design of a material. Naturally, both types of simulation are gaining increasing worldwide attention, and will be prominent approaches exploited by materials researchers in the 21st century.This collection brings the reader up-to-date with recent academic and experimental accomplishments in the fields of physical and numerical simulation.This two-volume set contains 249 peer-reviewed papers from an October 2007 conference, highlighting recent academic and experimental accomplishments in the application of physical and numerical simulations to the field of materials science. Some specific paper topics covered include numerical simulation of the induction heating process of continuous casting slab, application of the level set method to the simulation of liquid-gas two-phase flow during mold filling, and gate location optimization in injection molding based on an empirical search method. Other subjects studied include analysis of hammering deformation processes by the dynamic explicit finite element method, hot stamping processing experiments with quenchable boron steel, macrokinetics hierarchies of states at dynamic superplasticity, simulation of internal stress in injection molded parts, and numerical computation of a linear friction welding process.

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