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Advances in Nanostructured Materials Processed by SPD

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Xiao Zhou Liao
Trans Tech Publications
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Nanostructured materials, in which the structural features (e.g., grains and/or domains separated by low-angle grain boundaries) are smaller than 100nm in at least one dimension, have attracted worldwide research interest for more than a decade because of their unique properties. For example, the combination of high strength with high ductility has been reported for some nanostructured metals and alloys: this is a rare, if not impossible, combination of mechanical properties for coarse-grained metals and alloys. Among the many techniques available for producing nanostructured materials, severe plastic deformation (SPD) is the most popular and most rapidly developing one.The presenteditors invited prominent researchers in this field to contribute research and review papers, on the advances made in nanostructured materials processing by SPD, to this special-topic book.The ten papers cover a wide range of issues that are of primordial interest to the SPD research community including: mechanical properties, microstructures, theoretical aspects of plastic behavior and recent development in practical SPD techniques.This book will therefore be essential reading for those having an interest in studying or using the SPD method.Editors Liao (aerospace, mechanical, and mechatronic (engineering, U. of Sydney) and Zhao (chemical engineering materials science, U. of California) provide 10 papers that explore a variety of aspects of interest to severe plastic deformation (SPD) researchers. SPD techniques are the most popular and most rapidly developing methods for producing nanostructured materials. The collection's 28 contributors discuss several related subjects, including recent developments of SPD techniques for processing bulk nanostructured materials, plastic behavior of metals in reverse straining after large pre-strains, and surface nonocrystallization by surface mechanical attrition treatment. Chapters begin with abstracts and introductions and include illustrations.

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