Topics in Operator Theory 2
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Topics in Operator Theory 2

Volume 2: Systems and Mathematical Physics
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Joseph A. Ball
203, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
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This collection of original and review articles covers many topics in theoretical developments in operator theory and its diverse applications in applied mathematics, physics, engineering and other disciplines.

Exact Solutions to the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation.- Robust Control, Multidimensional Systems and Multivariable Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation.- Absence of Existence and Uniqueness for Forward-backward Parabolic Equations on a Half-line.- Bounds for Eigenvalues of the p-Laplacian with Weight Function of Bounded Variation.- The Gelfand-Levitan Theory for Strings.- On the Uniqueness of a Solution to Anisotropic Maxwell's Equations.- Dichotomy and Boundedness of Solutions for Some Discrete Cauchy Problems Constantin Bu?e and Akbar Zada.- Control Laws for Discrete Linear Repetitive Processes with Smoothed Previous Pass Dynamics.- Fourier Method for One-dimensional Schrödinger Operators with Singular Periodic Potentials.- Additive Invariants on Quantum Channels and Regularized Minimum Entropy.- A Functional Model, Eigenvalues, and Finite Singular Critical Points for Indefinite Sturm-Liouville Operators.- On the Eigenvalues of the Lax Operator for the Matrix-valued AKNS System.- An Extension Theorem for Bounded Forms Defined in Relaxed Discrete Algebraic Scattering Systems and the Relaxed Commutant Lifting Theorem.- Deconstructing Dirac operators. III: Dirac and semi-Dirac pairs.- Mapping Properties of Layer Potentials Associated with Higher-Order Elliptic Operators in Lipschitz Domains.- Applications of a Numerical Spectral Expansion Method to Problems in Physics; a Retrospective.- Regularized Perturbation Determinants and KdV Conservation Laws for Irregular Initial Profiles.
This is the second volume of a collection of original and review articles on recent advances and new directions in a multifaceted and interconnected area of mathematics and its applications. It encompasses many topics in theoretical developments in operator theory and its diverse applications in applied mathematics, physics, engineering, and other disciplines. The purpose is to bring in one volume many important original results of cutting edge research as well as authoritative review of recent achievements, challenges, and future directions in the area of operator theory and its applications.

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