Universal Logic: An Anthology

From Paul Hertz to Dov Gabbay
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Jean-Yves Béziau
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Studies in Universal Logic

This book features a collection of papers from Paul Hertz to Dov Gabbay -- through Tarski, Gödel, Kripke -- that give a general perspective about logical systems. Each paper is presented by a specialist who explains its context, import and influence.
No other anthology on universal logic or connected topics has been published
From the contents:1. Paul Hertz (1922), "Über Axiomensysteme für beliebige Satzsysteme, Teil. 1" presented by Javier Legris // 2. Paul Bernays (1926), "Axiomatische Untersuchung des Aussagenkalküls des Principia Mathematica" presented by Walter Carnielli // 3. Alfred Tarski (1928), "Remarques sur les notions fondamentales de la méthodologie des mathématiques", presented by Stan Surma and Jan Zygmunt // 4. Kurt Gödel (1933), "Eine Interpretation des intuitionistischen Aussagenkalküls" presented by presented by Itala D'Ottavianao and Hercules Feitosa// 5. Louis Rougier (1941), "The relativity of logic" presented by Mathieu Marion // 6. Haskell B. Curry (1952), Leçons de logique algébrique (Translation of extracts) presented by Johnatan Seldin // 7. Jerzy Los and Ronam Suszko (1958), "Remarks on sentential logics" presented by Jan Zygmunt // 8. Saul Kripke (1963), "Semantical Considerations on Modal Logic" presented by Johan van Benthem // 9. Jean Porte (1965), Recherches sur la théorie générale des systèmes formels et sur les systèmes connectifs (Translation of extracts) presented by Marcel Guillaume // 10. Per Lindström (1969), " On extensions of elementary logic " presented by Jouko Väänänen // 11. Stephen L.Bloom, Donald J.Brown et Roman Suszko (1970), "Some theorems on abstract logics" presented by Ramon Jansana // 12. Dana Scott (1974), "Completeness and axiomatizability in many-valued logic" presented by Lloyd Humberstone // 13. Joseph Goguen and Rod Burstall (1984), "Introducing institutions" presented by Razvan Diaconescu // 14. Andrea Loparic and Newton da Costa (1984), "Paraconsistency, paracompleteness and valuations" presented by Jean-Yves Béziau // 15. Dov Gabbay, "Fibred Semantics and the Weaving of Logics, Part 1: Modal and Intuitionistic logic" (extracts) presented by Amilcar Sernadas and Carlos Caleiro
A collection of papers from Paul Hertz to Dov Gabbay - through Tarski, Gödel, Kripke - giving a general perspective about logical systems. These papers discuss questions such as the relativity and nature of logic, present tools such as consequence operators and combinations of logics, prove theorems such as translations between logics, investigate the domain of validity and application of fundamental results such as compactness and completeness. Each of these papers is presented by a specialist explaining its context, import and influence.

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