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Reflective Perspectives

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Rafael Rivera
Green Ivy
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The Hurricane 9Makati Nights 10
Rice Paddy Life 12
Two Faces of Night and Day 13
The Cost of Freedom 15
Lynching in Mobile 17
Road Kill 18
Deer Hunter 20
Gangsta Wannabe 22
Full Auto 24
Bus Ride 26
Parents on the Go 28
Ode to Jurisprudence 29
Oxymoron Interview 30
Crying Tree 33
"Old Sparky" 34
Snowbound 36
Eye Candy 38
Exploring the Narrows 39
New York Subway Ride 40
Techno Dependence 41
Semper Fidelis 42
Pinball Wizard 43
The Wrestler 44
Padre Island, Now and Then 46
Jim Crow Laws in the Military 48
Military Brat 50
Salt Life in Boracay 51
New York Harbor Is on Fire 52
Mardi Gras 54
Good Friday Holdup 56
Planned Obsolescence 58
Fatso 60
Too Young to Drink, But Old Enough to Die 61
A Chef's Delight 62
Portly Raise 63
Iloilo Girl 64
Living on Frostys 66
Alone for the Holidays 67
Emerald of My Eye 68
Every Time 69
Dying Alone 70
Compromise Between Husband and Wife 71
The Ex Stigma 72
Decisions 73
Lingering Memories 74
Solitary Confinement 75
Holly Jolly Season 76
Holiday Shopping 77
Two Finches 78
Avian Empty Nest 79
Dalit Life 81
Motorcycle Asesino 82
Reflective Perspectives is a collection of poems dealing with contemporary moral and social issues. Each poem tells a true story that enables the reader to explore their inner self and relate to their own moral values. Rafael Rivera's sharp visual imagery allows the reader to follow his poetic journey, sometimes with an ironic or humorous twist.

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