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The Power of We

Creating Positive and Collaborative Classroom Communities
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Ron Nash
Learning Sciences International
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Students have an endless capacity of positive energy that can be harnessed into deeper understanding. This notion lies at the heart of Ron Nash's Power of We, and through a powerful combination of first-hand stories and expert research, he inspiringly recounts his awakening to the truth that engaging students starts by involving them as active participants in their own learning.

By tracing his steps from a bright-eyed, bushy tailed first-time teacher to a renowned education expert with four decades of experience, Nash's first-person narrative springs to life as humorous tales lead to eye-opening realizations of classroom techniques that:

· Encourage face-to-face conversations among students rather than reliance on technology

· Put students first to create effective, dynamic classroom communities

· Embrace the mistakes and use them to build advantage

· Learn to narrow your focus to achieve big results

· Help make a habit of being and staying positive by monitoring one's own daily energy levels

· Extend a hand in the classroom to find the energy necessary to make instructional changes

By reassessing one's own understanding of the traditional model of teacher - learner - test, educators can then leverage these strategies and tools to forge their own paths in helping students learn through true reflection of their classroom experiences.

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