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Save Me from This Hour

How to Face Life's Adversities & Come Out Stronger
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Ola Abina
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This book ministers hope to anyone who has been hurt through what they brought on themselves by their own hands, through the actions of others or just because life happens. It is an excellent resource for anyone who has gone through adversities, is going through adversities and will go through adversities. It provides a dynamic blueprint on how to face even the most painful and difficult of life's experiences and come out better and stronger. The author felt impressed to write the book following the illness and eventual loss of his dear mother, a minister of God, despite repeated prayers and fasting and holding on to the word of God. It was one of the darkest moments in his life. He felt drained and hopeless but held on despite of his feelings. To add to that, his finances were a wreck. Though he was obedient in sowing and tithing and had faith he wasn't seeing any results. Through what the Lord taught him however, he provided relief, hope and how to hold on and win. He explains why delay from God in answering prayers doesn't equal denial. Also, he carefully made a case, using practical examples of why painful experiences could be the needed setup for an individual's elevation even though the workings of God may not appear to make sense. He covered critical topics such as understanding adversities, their triggers, processes etc.

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