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Tiny Crimes

Very Short Tales of Mystery and Murder
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Lincoln Michel
Black Balloon Publishing
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"Circuit City," J. Robert Lennon
"Rat Face," Paul La Farge
"Any Other," Jac Jemc
"Alibi," Charles Yu
"Give Me Strength," Karen Heuler
"The Luser," Yuri Herrera, trans. Lisa Dillman
"Exit Interview," Christian Hayden
"Minor Witchcraft," Chiara Barzini
"Loophoole," Adam Sternbergh
"Mary When You Follow Her," Carmen Maria Machado
"Ghostlight," Elizabeth Hand
"Highway 1," Benjamin Whitmer
"Airport Paperback," Adam Hirsch
"The Fifth of July," Helen Phillips
"Withhold the Dawn," Richie Navarez
"Good Hair," Marta Balcewitcz
"nobody checks their voicemails anymore not even detectives," Sasha Fletcher
"Dogface," Sarah Wang
"See Agent," Mik Awake
"These Are Funny, Broken Days," Amber Sparks
"Knife Fight," Julia Elliot
"The Rhetorician," Adrian Van Young
"No Exit," Fuminori Namakura, trans. Allison Markin Powell
"The Hall at the End of the Hall," Ryan Bloom
"Friends," Laura van den Berg
"Hygge," Dorthe Nors, trans. Misha Hoekstra
"Three Scores," Nick Mamatas
"The Odds," Amelia Gray
"Nobody's Gonna Sleep Here Honey," Danielle Evans
"What We Know,v Misha Rai
"The Trashman Cometh," JW McCormack
"Actual Urchin," Henry Hoke
"The Law of Expansion," Brian Evenson
"Night Train," Fabien Clouette & Quentin Leclerc, trans. Jeffery Zuckerman
"We Are Suicide," Benjamin Percy
"A Bead to String," Michael Harris Cohen
"The Meme Farm," Adam McCulloch
"The Wrong One," Erica Wright
"Final Rescue," Kenneth Nichols
"Purple Pills," Rion Amilcar Scott
Tiny Crimes gathers leading and emerging literary voices to tell tales of villainy and intrigue in only a few hundred words. From the most hard-boiled of noirs to the coziest of mysteries, with diminutive double crosses, miniature murders, and crimes both real and imagined, Tiny Crimes rounds up all the usual suspects, and some unusual suspects, too. With illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook and flash fiction by Carmen Maria Machado, Benjamin Percy, Amelia Gray, Adam Sternbergh, Yuri Herrera, Julia Elliott, Elizabeth Hand, Brian Evenson, Charles Yu, Laura van den Berg, and more, Tiny Crimes scours the underbelly of modern life to expose the criminal, the illegal, and the depraved.

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