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Be A Parent not a Pal

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Jeff Kemp
Australian Academic Press
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IntroductionThoughts on being a parentYour teenagerParenting your teenagerDealing with common teen topics: Friends Body image Depression Self-harm Suicide Sexuality Drugs TechnologyPractising effective parenting - 25 teen scenarios to exploreBig T Broken HeartedBush LawyerComing OutCyber-BullyDark ThoughtsFair Weather FriendFamily TiesGreener GrassHidden GiftHot BreakfastHung UpHurtMoney MattersOn The EdgeOff The RailsRunawaySelf ExileScratcherSpellboundConclusion
Parenting teenagers today is a tough challenge. It takes purpose, creativity, determination and patience - and some practical advice from people who know what they are talking about. Award winning specialist teacher, researcher, mentor and speaker, Dr Jeff Kemp, has spent 30 years helping parents ride the roller coaster of parenting. His knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm has helped the most troubled of teens re-engage with school and family after almost being written off by a stressed education system and exasperated parents. Combining this wealth of experience with research and academic training Jeff has produced a highly inspirational and practical book full of sage advice as well as dozens of real-life teen scenarios parents may face and action plans to deal with them. For Jeff, parenting is a journey of self-discovery for the parent and a journey of self-discovery for their teenager, underpinned by the undeniable reality that as a parent, you are the leader of the family to which your teenager belongs, and as such you must lead. You can't be your teenager's pal, but you can be their parent.

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