Miami Double Popout Maps
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Miami Double Popout Maps

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121x94x10 mm
5 maps packed into one perfectly pocket-sized product - ideal for any visitor wanting to get to the heart of this magical destination. This must-have quick-reference pocket map will help visitors explore the whole of Miami. The maps cover Greater Miami, Art District, Miami Beach & South Beach, Downtown & Bayside, Coconut Grove & a transit map.
1) Greater Miami PopOut Map including detail map of the Art District
2) Miami Beach and South Beach PopOut Map
3) Downtown detail map
4) Bayside detail map including the metromover route
5) Coconut Grove detail map
Explore the magical city of Miami with the help of this genuinely pocket-sized, pop-up map. Small in size yet big on detail, this compact, dependable, city map will help visitors explore the whole of Miami from its glorious Art Deco architecture to tranquil Bal harbour's exclusive shopping and Sunny Isles' perfect white sands.

Includes 2 PopOut maps - a PopOut Map of Greater Miami (which includes a detail map of the Art District) plus a PopOut Map of Miami Beach & South Beach

Additional maps include Downtown & Bayside including the Metromover route as well as Coconut Grove detail map and a transit map

Handy, self-folding, tourist map is small enough to fit in your pocket yet offers extensive coverage of the city in an easy-to-use format

Thorough street index is also featured and cross-referenced to the map so you can easily find your destination

Hotels, restaurants, stores and attractions are all included on the maps

Ideal to pop in a pocket or bag for quick reference while exploring the city.

- Greater Miami PopOut Map with a detail map of the Art District
- Miami Beach and South Beach PopOut Map
- Downtown & Bayside detail map showing the Metromover route
- Coconut Grove detail map
Transit map

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