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The Business of Professional Speaking

Expert Advice From Top Speakers To Build Your Speaking Career
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Kate Atkin
Panoma Press
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Chapter 1 - 'Building Your Reputation as a Professional Speaker' by Rob Brown
Chapter 2 - 'A Speaker has No Business without Sales and Marketing' by Mike Pagan

Chapter 3 - 'How to Profit from Finding Out What Your Client Really Wants' by Simon Hazeldine

Chapter 4 - 'Use Your Books to Get Booked and Earn More' by Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Chapter 5 - 'Getting Clients Should Be the Hard Bit; Keeping Them Should be Easy' by Stuart Harris

Chapter 6 - 'Inject your DNA to Make your Speech Unforgettable' by Eilidh Milnes

Chapter 7 - 'Managing Your State On and Off-Stage' by Felix A. Schweikert

Chapter 8 - 'Presenting Your Keynote with Confidence' by Kate Atkin

Chapter 9 - 'The Art of Storytelling' by David Hyner

Chapter 10 - 'PowerPoint Surgery: How to Create Presentation Slides that Make your Message Stick' by Lee Jackson

Chapter 11 - 'Being the Authentic You as a Speaker' by Jane Gunn

Chapter 12 - 'How to Maximise your Revenue from Every Speaking Opportunity' by Simon Zutshi

Chapter 13 - 'Making Conscious Choices in Your Speaking Business...' by Jo Simpson
Expert Advice from Top Speakers to Build Your Speaking Career. Revealed: the Secrets of How to Build a Successful Professional Speaking Business! If you want to be a successful speaker, this book will take you there! This unique collection of tips and strategies from some of the UK's most successful speakers will show you exactly how to: become known as a 'speaker of choice', make more money every time you speak, generate lots more speaking engagements, deliver more compelling, entertaining speeches, featuring the collective wisdom of seasoned speakers who have been there and done it, this book contains all the secrets to make you one of the highest paid and in demand public speakers around!

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