Superman is an Arab
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Superman is an Arab

On God, marriage, macho men and other disastrous inventions
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Joumana Haddad
The Westbourne Press
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Contents Once upon a time - 11 Why this book? 17 The poem Lost and found The rant In praise of egoism The narrative Note to the reader How it all started (in general) 23 The poem Beginning again The rant Heads or tails The narrative Genesis, not the way they'd like to think it occurred How it all started (for me) 31 The poem A love metaphor The rant In and out The narrative Close encounters with the second kind The disastrous invention of monotheism 45 The poem Saying grace The rant Why not The narrative Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife nor donkey The disastrous invention of the original sin 61 The poem All over again The rant Politically incorrect questions The narrative The bad, the evil and the ugly The disastrous invention of machismo 73 The poem Think again The rant The macho's rule book The narrative Balls come with a price The disastrous invention of the battle of the sexes 91 The poem I am a woman The rant He says she says The narrative 'Arab Spring', they claim The disastrous invention of chastity 111 The poem Recipe for the insatiable The rant Penis: directions for use The narrative Abandon all innocence ye who enter here The disastrous invention of marriage 125 The poem Still The rant Dynamics of a millenary gaffe The narrative I take thee to be my temporary love The disastrous invention of getting old 145 The poem The artichoke theory The rant So what? The narrative We can all be Peter Pan Their beautiful voices in my head 155 Letter to my sons 163 Happily ever after - 167 Further reading 169 Acknowledgements 171
This is not a manifesto against men in general. Nor is it a manifesto against Arab men in particular. It is, however, a howl in the face of a particular species of men: the macho species, Supermen, as they like to envision themselves. But Superman is a lie. In this explosive sequel to I Killed Scheherazade, Joumana Haddad examines the patriarchal system that continues to dominate in the Arab world and beyond. From monotheist religions and the concept of marriage to institutionalised machismo and widespread double standards, Haddad reflects upon the vital need for a new masculinity in these times of revolution and change in the Middle East. 'The revolution and its backlash are not just being fought in the streets, squares and elections across the Middle East, but also on the faces and bodies of millions of Arab women and their sisters across the world. Haddad speaks for all of us. It's time to listen.' Bidisha 'One of the most intelligent, talented and courageous young Arab poets and intellectuals today' Mahmoud Darwish 'The Germain Greer of Lebanon' Independent.

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