A Baghdad Cookery Book
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A Baghdad Cookery Book

Tthe Book of Dishes (Kitaab Al-oTabaikh)
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Muhammad Ibn Al-H Al-Baghdadi
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A translation of Al-Baghdadi's "Kitab al-Tabikh," the favourite Arab cookery book of the Turks.
Introduction, by Charles Perry The text Recipe terminology Ingredients and batterie de cuisine The Book of Dishes Introduction which needs to be known Chapter I: On sour dishes and their varieties Chapter II: on plain dishes according to [their variety] Chapter III: Mentioning fried dishes, dry dishes and their kinds Chapter IV: On har sa, tannuriyya and otherdishes made that way Chapter V: On mutajjanat, cold dishes, maqluba, samosas and what is analogous to them Chapter VI: Mentioning fish and what is made from them Chapter VII: On pickles, relishes and condiments Chapter VIII: Judhabs, puddings and what is analogous to them Chapter IX: Mentioning sweetmeats and their varieties of that (sort) Chapter X: On making khushkananaj, mutbaq, crepes and things mixed with flour that are analogous to those Colophon Appendix I: Al-Baghdad 's manuscript and Chelebi's published text compared Appendix II: This translation and Arberry's compared
Al-Baghdadi's Kitab al-Tabikh was for long the only medieval Arabic Cookery book known to the English-speaking world, thanks to A J Arberry's path-breaking 1939 translation, reissued by Prospect Books in 2001 in Medieval Arab Cookery. For centuries, it has been the favourite Arab cookery book of the Turks. The original manuscript is still in Istanbul, and at some point a Turkish sultan commissioned a very handsome copy which can still be seen in The British Library in London. Charles Perry has re-visited the manuscript and discovered many possible errors and amendments that affect the interpretation of these essential recipes for the understanding of medieval Arab cookery. He has produced a new English translation incorporating these ammendments and fully annotating his variations with the 'authorised' version. Scholars will now have a definitive text in an inexpensive and handy format.