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Trekking in the Himalaya

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Kev Reynolds
Cicerone Press
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About the authors
Overview of routes
About this book
Trekking in the Himalaya: a background
Trekking styles
When to go
Safety in the mountains
Minimum impact trekking

The Treks
Trek 1 K2 and Concordia - Steve Razzetti
Trek 2 Snow Lake - Steve Razzetti
Trek 3 Nanga Parbat - Bart Jordans
Trek 4 Zanskar Dream Trek - Steve Berry
Trek 5 Nanda Devi Sanctuary - Steve Berry
Trek 6 Mount Kailash Kora - Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons
Trek 7 Inner Dolpo: Shey Gompa and the Crystal Mountain - Stephen Goodwin
Trek 8 Lower Dolpo: from Juphal to Jumla - Kev Reynolds
Trek 9 Dhaulagiri Circuit - Bart Jordans
Trek 10 Annapurna Circuit - Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons
Trek 11 Annapurna Sanctuary - Kev Reynolds
Trek 12 Manaslu Circuit - Kev Reynolds
Trek 13 Langtang and Helambu - Kev Reynolds
Trek 14 Everest Base Camp - Kev Reynolds
Trek 15 Everest: Kangshung Face - Bart Jordans
Trek 16 Makalu Base Camp - Chris Townsend
Trek 17 Kangchenjunga: North and South Base Camps - Kev Reynolds
Trek 18 Kangchenjunga: Singalila Ridge and Goecha La - Kev Reynolds
Trek 19 Lunana Snowman Trek - Bart Jordans
Trek 20 Gangkar Punsum Base Camp - Steve Berry

APPENDIX A Useful contacts
APPENDIX B Glossary for trekkers
APPENDIX C Further reading

An inspirational larger format book describing 20 memorable treks in the Himalaya. They include such well-known classics as the treks to Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga base camps, and the Annapurna and Manaslu Circuits. The ultra-long Lunana Snowman Trek and a kora around sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet are also included. There are epic glacier treks like that to Pakistan's Snow Lake; following in the footsteps of Shipton and Tilman towards Nanda Devi, and the approach to Gangkar Punsum - the world's highest unclimbed peak located in remote Bhutan. This inspirational guide was edited by trekking specialist Kev Reynolds, and written by a team of eight experienced authors, writers and guides. A compilation of the best walking in the Himalaya, it looks at each trek in turn, and discovers what makes the trek special, and entices with vivid accounts and breathtaking photography.

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