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Walking in the Cordillera Cantabrica

A mountaineering guide
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Robin Walker
Cicerone Press
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Chapter 4 - Western Len
4.1 Alcornn de Busmori from Degaa
4.2 Catoute from Colinas del Campo de Martín Moro
4.3 Tambarn from Salientes
4.4 Arcos del Agua from Fasgar
4.5 Pea Correa from Abelgas
4.6 Muxivén from Lumajo
4.7 Montihuero from Torre de Babia
4.8 Pea Orniz from La Cueta
4.9 Ferreira from Torrestío
4.10 Picos del Fontán from Torrebarrio
4.11 Cirbanal from Caldas de Luna
4.12 Amargones from Piedrasecha

Place-names: the Magic of Words

Chapter 5 - Western Asturias
5.1 Cornn from Santa María del Puerto
5.2 Cogollo de Cebolleo from Villar de Vildas
5.3 Pea Blanca from Aguino
5.4 Pea Chana from Valle de Lago
5.5 Lagos de Somiedo from Valle de Lago
5.6 Camino Real de la Mesa from Saliencia
5.7 Calduveiru from the Puertos de Marabiu
5.8 Cordal de la Sobia from Carrea
5.9 Gamonal from El Campo
5.10 Pico la Hoya from Proaza
5.11 Pea Rueda from Lindes
5.12 Ranchn from Bueida
5.13 Tapinn from Tuiza de Arriba
5.14 Pea Ubia from Tuiza de Arriba

Transhumance in the Cordillera Cantábrica

Chapter 6 - Eastern Len
6.1 Estorbín Valverde from Tonín de Arbás
6.2 Pico Faro from Canseco
6.3 Fontn from Gete
6.4 Correcillas from Felmín
6.5 Pea Valdorria from Valdorria
6.6 Susarn from Puente de San Tirso
6.7 Pea Corada from Fuentes de Peacorada
6.8 Pico Cerroso from Santa Olaja de la Varga
6.9 Pico Yordas from Liegos
6.10 Mampodre massif from Maraa
6.11 Pea Ten from La Ua
6.12 Coriscao from Portilla de la Reina
6.13 Pea Prieta from Llánaves de la Reina

The Cordillera Cantábrica in the Spanish Civil War

Chapter 7 - Eastern Asturias
7.1 Pico Torres from Puerto de San Isidro
7.2 Retrin from Felechosa
7.3 Pea Mea from Les Campes
7.4 Desfiladero de los Arrudos from La Encrucijada
7.5 Cuyargayos from Agues
7.6 Pico Trigueiro from Condado
7.7 Pilees from Ventaniella
7.8 Tiatordos from Taranes
7.9 Vízcares from Riofabar
7.10 Pea Saln from Puente Vidosa
7.11 Pienzu from Cofio
7.12 Hibeo from Villanueva

Alpine Flora of the Cordillera Cantábrica

Chapter 8 - Palencia and Cantabria
8.1 Cardao Cirque from Cardao de Arriba
8.2 Espigete from Cardao de Abajo
8.3 Curavacas from Vidrieros
8.4 Santa Lucía from Vidrieros
8.5 Pea Mayor from Colonia Sierra del Brezo
8.6 Valdecebollas from Santa María de Redondo
8.7 Pico Tres Mares from Piedrasluengas
8.8 Bistruey from Caloca
8.9 El Cornn de Pea Sagra from San Mamés
A guide to walking in the Cordillera Cantabrica mountains in northern Spain - one of Spain's premier ranges - including detailed descriptions of 60 routes spread around the whole of this magnificent mountain chain. Based on selected valley bases, the routes are readily accessed, thus minimising travel time. All of the routes can be done in a day and all are circular. In difficulty they vary from straightforward, half-day outings to strenuous, full-day ascents demanding fitness, good overall mountain skills, and the ability to deal with short sections of scrambling. This guide is complemented by articles on four specialist topics of interest to any who wish to know the range in greater depth: place names, the transhumance, the Civil War and alpine flora. The Cordillera Cantabrica is currently home to a total of nine protected areas, including three UN-designated areas.

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