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Against Equality

Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion
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Ryan Conrad
AK Press
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AcknowledgmentsQueer Revolution, Not Mere InclusionRyan Conrad, Karma Chávez, Yasmin Nair, & Deena Loeffler for Against EqualityPart 1 - MarriageAgainst Equality, Against Marriage: An IntroductionYasmin NairAn Open Letter to LGBT Leaders Who Are Pushing Marriage Equality Kate Bornstein Marriage is Murder: On the Discursive Limits of Matrimony Eric StanleyI Still Think Marriage is the Wrong Goal Dean Spade & Craig WillseIs Gay Marriage Anti-Black??? Kenyon FarrowGay Marriage: Civil Right or Civil Wrong Kate and Deeg, La GaiThe Marriage Fight is Setting Us Back John D'EmilioAgainst Equality, in Maine and Everywhere Ryan ConradWho's Illegal Now?: Immigration, Marriage, and the Violence of InclusionYasmin NairQueer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage MJ Kaufman & Katie MilesWhy Gay Marriage IS the End of the World (or the queer world, at least)Mattilda Bernstein SycamorePart 2 - Military"Community Spirit": The New Gay Patriot and the Right to Fight in Unjust Wars, An IntroductionMattilda Bernstein SycamoreA Military Job Is Not Economic JusticeKenyon Farrow for QEJ's Statement on DADTDon't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't ServeCecilia Cissell LucasRage, Or the Lack ThereofYasmin NairQueer eyes on what prize? Ending DADTErica Meiners & Therese QuinnWhy I Oppose Repealing DADT & the Passage of the DREAM ActTamara K. NopperBradley Manning: Rich Man's War, Poor (Gay) Man's FightLarry GoldsmithWhy I Won't Be Celebrating the Repeal of DADT: Queer Soldiers are Still Agents of GenocideJamal Rashad JonesPictures at an ExecutionBill Andriette Illustrating Against MilitarismMr. FishPart 3 - Prisons Their Laws Will Never Make Us SaferDean Spade A Compilation of Critiques on Hate Crime Legislation Jason Lydon for Black & PinkSRLP opposes the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention ActSylvia Rivera Law ProjectDo Hate Crime Laws Do Any Good?Liliana SeguraSanesha Stewart, Lawrence King, and Why Hate Crime Legislation Won't HelpJack AponteWhy Hate Crime Legislation Is Still Not a SolutionYasmin NairLesbians Sentenced for Self-Defense: All-White Jury Convicts Black WomenImani Keith HenryFirst Coffins, Now Prison?Sébastien Barraud for PolitiQ-queers solidaires!The Devil in Gay Inc.: How the Gay Establishment Ignored a Sex Panic Fueled by HomophobiaJames D'Entremont"Worst of the Worst"? Queer Investments in Challenging Sex Offender Registries Erica Meiners, Liam Michaud, Josh Pavan, Bridget SimpsonNotesAbout the Contributors
When "rights” go wrong.

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