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Mighty Mo

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Alison Brown
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When disaster strikes the zoo, it's up to one small but super raccoon to save the day! Perfect for any child who loves superhero stories, this hilarious tale of an unlikely hero will appeal to preschoolers with a sense of adventure. Keep your little superhero entertained with the bright, lively illustrations by the talented Alison Brown (EDDIE AND DOG). A variety of funny, colourful animals burst off the page in this fast-paced superhero story, just right for lively little ones. Reviews "Pre-schoolers will love this unlikely hero whose naughty sense of adventure keeps the fun flowing and the funny bones tickled. Bold, high-energy illustrations add to the laugh-out-loud entertainment and give Mighty Mo his rightful place as a true picture book hero." - Chorley Guardian "If your kids love being the hero, saving the day, and beating the baddie then they will love this book! There is also a great many HUGE words as my little one says, such as marvellous and magnificent. A good book to learn great new gigantic words!" - Families Online "Fun and energetic, with Alison's fabulous illustrations and storytelling prowess coming to the fore... Alison Brown makes it look SO EASY to produce such lovely books. A corker!" - Read it Daddy! "It's hard not to like the self-appointed "king of sprinkles" who eventually dons a red cape and finds true magnificence." - The Guardian "...this very cute little raccoon will have any child or adult charmed by his antics." - Bookworm Baby "...a thoroughly enjoyable read for children and even for adults too!" Book Passion for Life