How To Franchise Your Business 2nd Edition
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How To Franchise Your Business 2nd Edition

Grow your business by creating and managing a franchised network
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Brian Duckett
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Acknowledgements; Preface; SECTION I - THE BASICS; 1. Introduction; 2. Business format franchising - a growth option for your business?; 3. The franchised network development plan; 4. The franchisor/franchisee relationship; 5. Pilot operations; 6. Building the franchisor management team; 7. The franchise operations manual; 8. The franchise agreement; 9. International franchising; SECTION 2 - PRACTICAL FRANCHISE; MANAGEMENT; 10. How to market a franchise; 11. How to recruit franchisees; 12. How to get the best results from franchise exhibitions; 13. How to help franchisees prepare and review their business plans; 14. How to write the franchise operations manual; 15. How to develop and deliver a franchise training programme; 16. How to monitor franchisees' performance; 17. How to motivate franchisees; 18. How to get the best from field visits; 19. How to manage franchise unit resales; 20. How to monitor your performance as a franchisor; 21. How to avoid legal problems for you and your franchisees; SECTION 3 - ADVANCED FRANCHISING; 22. Becoming an international franchisor; 23. Becoming a master franchisee; 24. Meeting your international match; 25. Negotiating the international arrangements; 26. Buying or selling an existing franchised network; Appendices; Index
If you have a proven business system and are wishing to expand, franchising is a strong option. It provides a quick route to growth and uses other people's money and enthusiasm to open individual offices, shops, restaurants, salons, surgeries, units, van rounds, or service centres. / This book provides practical advice on how franchising works from two authors with years of experience. As well as being for potential franchisors, this book is also invaluable to owners of existing branch networks, practising franchisors and their management teams, and candidates for the Diploma in Franchise Management. It will show you how to: * Decide whether your business should and could be franchised. * Understand the franchisor/franchisee relationship. * Structure the business so it works for both franchisor and franchisee. * Prove the concept with pilot operations. * Market your franchise and recruit franchisees. * Motivate franchisees and monitor their performance. * Franchise your business internationally. * Prepare your network for sale - or buy an existing franchised network.

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