The Middle East Unveiled
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The Middle East Unveiled

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Donna Marsh
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Introduction; 1. Culture, Stereotypes and Generalisations; 2. Defining the Middle East; 3. An Introduction To Islam; 4. Islam and Business; 5. Other Religions and Business; 6. Safety and Security; 7. Business Travel To and Within The Middle East; 8. Clothing and Dress Codes; 9. Ready For Business; 10. Meeting and Greeting; 11. Taboos; 12. Attitudes To Western Business People; 13. Communicating in The Middle East; 14. Getting Down To Business; 15. Business and Socialising; 16. Getting Results; 17. Free Time; 18. Is Working in The Middle East For Me?; 19. Finally; Recommended Reading; Useful Websites; Glossary Of Arabic Terms; Index; About The Author.
Why did Mr Abdul Rahman Hassan seem uncomfortable when I asked him if his Christian name was Abdul?A" Many organisations new to the Middle East become very successful; many more struggle, and some will fail altogether. Often, the difference between a successful organisation and one that fails is that organisation's level of cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence has never been more important as businesses globalise, especially in parts of the world that are very different to markets in the West. Cultural and social mistakes can cost businesses dearly. Learning how to do business in the Middle East without causing offence is crucial. This book provides cultural and practical business intelligence for all Western business people working throughout the Middle East. It also focuses on issues specifically important to Western businesswomen, as well as for men who might be working with Arab and Muslim women. It can make the difference between success and failure for the reader and his or her organisation.

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