Making Money From Stocks and Shares
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Making Money From Stocks and Shares

A simple guide to increasing your wealth by consistent investment in the stock market
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Jamie E Smith
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About the author; 1. Introduction; 2. So who do you think you are?; 3. Think like a machine; 4. The journey begins; 5. Understand the business not the share price; 6. Selecting your shares; 7. Time is your ally - the Harley Davidson example; 8. The share price - get what you don't pay for; 9. Risky business; 10. Revenue and pre-tax profit. Are they getting bigger?; 11. Is the company making a lot of money from the money it spends or spending a lot of the money it makes?; 12. Consistent investing can pay dividends; 13. Buy companies that can live within their means; 14. A great company has quality leadership; 15. Don't just buy eggs and have more than one basket; 16. Does size matter?; 17. A global perspective; 18. Two apples don't make an orange; 19. Investment fads - how they happen and why they are bad for your wealth; 20. The future isn't what it used to be; 21. Cost averaging; 22. Some work examples; 23. Tesco; 24. Amur Minerals Corporation; 25. Marks and Spencers Group; 26. AstraZeneca; 27. William Hill; 28. British American Tobacoo; 29. QinetiQ Group; 30. Interior Services Group; 31. Screening for value shares - low risk and high reward; 32. Now you own your own business; 33. There is a time to sell; 34. The craft of consistent investing; 35. Some additional signposts; 36. Guiding principles for the consistent investor; Index.
Many people are intimidated by the stock market and choose instead to put their money into savings accounts that pay very little. They believe that: - Buying shares is too risky - Buying shares is too complicated - You need a lot of money for it to be worthwhile. But none of these things are true and this book explains why. It provides a simple and accessible introduction to the basic principles of investing in the stock market. With an understanding of these, and a consistent approach to investment, you can make a good return from stocks and shares. In this book you will discover: - How to use the way you and others behave to your advantage; - How to get more than you pay for; - How to increase your wealth over time by consistently following some really simple steps.