Embedded Computer Vision
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Embedded Computer Vision

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Branislav Kisacanin
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243x163x25 mm
Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

This book brings together a wealth of experiences from leading researchers in the field of Embedded Computer vision, from both academic and industrial research labs. It also looks ahead, providing a sense of what applications can be expected in the future.
Provides historical perspective, the latest research results and a vision for future developments in this new field of embedded computer vision
Hardware Considerations for Embedded Vision Systems.- Design Methodology for Embedded Computer Vision Systems.- We Canwatch It For You Wholesale.- Advances in Embedded Computer Vision.- Using Robust Local Features on DSP-Based Embedded Systems.- Benchmarks of Low-Level Vision Algorithms for DSP, FPGA, and Mobile PC Processors.- SAD-Based Stereo Matching Using FPGAs.- Motion History Histograms for Human Action Recognition.- Embedded Real-Time Surveillance Using Multimodal Mean Background Modeling.- Implementation Considerations for Automotive Vision Systems on a Fixed-Point DSP.- Towards OpenVL: Improving Real-Time Performance of Computer Vision Applications.- Looking Ahead.- Mobile Challenges for Embedded Computer Vision.- Challenges in Video Analytics.- Challenges of Embedded Computer Vision in Automotive Safety Systems.
As a graduate student at Ohio State in the mid-1970s, I inherited a unique c- puter vision laboratory from the doctoral research of previous students. They had designed and built an early frame-grabber to deliver digitized color video from a (very large) electronic video camera on a tripod to a mini-computer (sic) with a (huge!) disk drive-about the size of four washing machines. They had also - signed a binary image array processor and programming language, complete with a user's guide, to facilitate designing software for this one-of-a-kindprocessor. The overall system enabled programmable real-time image processing at video rate for many operations. I had the whole lab to myself. I designed software that detected an object in the eldofview,trackeditsmovementsinrealtime,anddisplayedarunningdescription of the events in English. For example: "An object has appeared in the upper right corner...Itismovingdownandtotheleft...Nowtheobjectisgettingcloser...The object moved out of sight to the left"-about like that. The algorithms were simple, relying on a suf cient image intensity difference to separate the object from the background (a plain wall). From computer vision papers I had read, I knew that vision in general imaging conditions is much more sophisticated. But it worked, it was great fun, and I was hooked.

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