Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology
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Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology

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Bala Muralikrishnan
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Provides a practical and hands-on approach towards understanding the diverse array of mathematical methods used in surface texture and roundness analysis
Introduction Part I: Filtering A Brief History of Filtering Filtering in Frequency Domains Time Domain Filtering Gaussian Filter 2RC Filter Filtering Roundness Profiles Filtering 3D Surfaces Part II: Advanced Filtering Gaussian Regression Filters Spline Filter Robust Filters Envelope and Morphological Filters Multi-scale Filtering Part III: Fitting Introduction to Fitting Substitute Geometry Least-squares Best Fit Line and Plane Non-linear Least-squares I: Introduction Non-linear Least-squares II: Circle, Sphere and Cylinder Fitting Radius Suppressed Circle Data Exchange Algorithms for Minimum Zone Reference Circle Fitting using Linear Programming Simplex Part IV: Parameterization Surface Texture Parameters I: Amplitude, Spacing, Hybrid and Shape Surface Texture Parameters II: Autocorrelation, Power Spectral Density, Bearing Area 3D Surface Texture Parameters Part V: Errors and Uncertainty Uncertainty Considerations Uncertainty Propagation in Computations Error Separation Techniques in Roundness Metrology Other Relevant Topics
"Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology" provides an extraordinarily practical and hands-on approach towards understanding the diverse array of mathematical methods used in surface texture and roundness analysis. The book, in combination with a mathematical package or programming language interface, provides an invaluable tool for experimenting, learning, and discovering the many flavors of mathematics that are so routinely taken for granted in metrology. Whether the objective is to understand the origin of that ubiquitous transmission characteristics curve of a filter we see so often yet do not quite comprehend, or to delve into the intricate depths of a deceptively simple problem of fitting a line or a plane to a set of points, this book describes it all (in exhaustive detail). From the graduate student of metrology to the practicing engineer on the shop floor, this book is a must-have reference for all involved in metrology, instrumentation/optics, manufacturing, and electronics.

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