RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols
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RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols

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"Surgical Management of Heart Failure brings together the current knowledge on the surgical management of heart failure into one volume. It is designed to have copious illustrations and photographic material that will explain the techniques and surgical management of patients with heart failure in an effective modern format."
"A surgeon's view of heart failure: approach to clinical decision making; Perioperative care of the surgical heart failure patient; Coronary revascularization in heart failure patients; Left ventricular reconstruction; Management of mitral regurgitation in heart failure patients; Mechanical support: classification and indications; Extracorporeal devices; Intracorporeal and paracorporeal devices; VADs as destination therapy; Artificial heart: Jarvik 2000 heart, AbioCor; Reverse ventricular remodeling and left ventricular recovery during LVAD support; Surgical aspects of cardiac transplantation; Ventricular containment: devices that alter myocardial size and shape; Pacing strategies; Cellular therapies and growth factors; Future therapies"
Heart failure is the biggest killer in the western world, with an estimated 5 million cases in the US alone and at least 400 000 new cases being diagnosed each year, but the number of clinical books going into detail on surgical management have been limited.The management of heart failure has undergone great changes in the last few years. There is very little comprehensive information about co-ordinated care of patients with heart failure. There has been a growth in heart failure cardiology and in the community treatment of heart failure, which have not been taught in medical schools or teaching hospitals. Traditionally surgical procedures have revolved predominantly around the transplant procedure, but more non-transplant methods are gaining in popularity.This book set will provide the full spectrum of surgical options in heart failure from transplant to the more noninvasive procedures in the interventional radiology department. The contributing authors are all key opinion leaders in the surgical management of heart failure. This surgical volume is designed to integrate with its sister medical volume but also be the definitive guide to the surgical management of heart failure.

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