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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design

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Master professional-level business application designs using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and its xRM featuresAbout This BookImplement business logic using processes, plugins, and client-side scripts with MS CRM 2015Develop custom xRM solutions to improve your business applicationsA comprehensive guide with a solution-based approach that covers the new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and increasingly advanced topicsWho This Book Is ForThis book targets skilled developers who are looking to build business-solution software and are new to application development in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.What You Will LearnCustomize your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 business application with easeGet to know about the new features and enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015Implement process automation using workflows, business rules, and business process flowsCarry out client-side logic and consume CRM web services using client-side codeWork across all your iOS platforms or devices with the integration feature of SDKDevelop and deploy plug-ins and learn how to troubleshoot issuesKnow the how-to's of mobile enhancements with Microsoft DynamicsIn DetailBusinesses can have their developers build complete apps or plug-ins and interfaces to suit their business needs. With the application of MS CRM, administrators can alter the content, layout, and business logic for each business use case. Businesses can choose to run Dynamics CRM on their own internal server or to link to web-hosted installations. This book is an enhanced guide that covers all the new features released with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Coming straight off the shelf with a whole new frontier of updated business rules, process enhancements, SDK methods, and other enhancements, this book is a complete guide for all your Dynamics CRM questions.Starting off, this book will introduce you to the deployment options such as online and on-premise, and the software and hardware requirements as CRM customization. It will also teach you how to develop a sample application.Going deeper, this book teaches you about the new enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 such as business process, new client-side scripting, mobile application, and actions enhancements. You will quickly get up and running with plugin development and project tracking concepts with the help of sample applications.The book concludes with how Microsoft Dynamics CRM extends its mobile capabilities and bring more feature-rich experience to the app users.Style and approachA solution-based guide to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM's newest features, and customize and extend CRM's capabilities. Each topic is presented with comprehensive examples for creating custom solutions.

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