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An Anti-Capitalist Critique
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Patrick Bond
Pluto Press
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Introduction - Ana Garcia and Patrick Bond
Part 1: Sub-imperial, inter-imperial or capitalist-imperial?

1. BRICS and the sub-imperial location - Patrick Bond

2. Sub-imperialism, the highest stage of dependent capitalism - Mathias Luce

3. BRICS and capitalist-imperialism - Virginia Fontes

4. BRICS, the G20 and American Empire - Leo Panitch

5. Mutations of upstream, intermediate and peripheral capitalism in the neoliberal era - Claudio Katz

Part 2: BRICS 'develop' Africa and Latin America

6. Patrick Bond, Richard Kamidza, Farai Maguwu and Bobby Peek: BRICS corporate snapshots during African extractivism - Baruti Amisi

7. The story of the hunter or the hunted? Brazil's role in Angola and Mozambique

8. Chinese oil geopolitics in the Andean region - Omar Bonilla

9. Pedro Henrique Campos: The transnationalisation of Brazilian construction companies

10. Behind the image of South-South solidarity at Brazil's Vale - Judith Marshall

11. Rio's ruinous mega-events - Einar Braathen, Celina Sørbøe and Gilmar Mascarenhas

Part 3: BRICS within global capitalism

12. BRICS within transnational capitalism - William Robinson

13. BRICS as a spectre of alliance - Anna Ochkina

14. BRICS within fossil capitalism - Elmar Altvater

15. Scramble, resistance and a new non-alignment strategy - Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros

16. The BRICS' dangerous endorsement of 'financial inclusion' - Susanne Soederberg

17. The view from Russia -Boris Kagarlitsky

18. The view from China - Au Loong Yu

19. Future trajectories for BRICS? - Achin Vanaik

20. Whose interests are served by the BRICS?21. Patrick Bond: BRICS from above, from the middle and from below - Immanuel Wallerstein

22. Building BRICS from below? - Ana Garcia
The rise of the BRICS - a bloc of emerging economies, comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is one of the defining features of the modern global economy. *BR**BR*This book explores these nations, which seem to be growing at a much faster rate than the developed nations of the Eurozone and North America. Will they drag the developed world out of the economic mire? Will they force social change and innovation into the tired 'old world order'? And politically, do they herald a new dawn for democracy or do they represent a continued political repression? *BR**BR*This edited collection answers these questions by offering critical analysis of the rise of the BRICS economies within the framework of a predatory, exclusionary and unequal global capitalism. From Chinese oil geopolitics to the ruinous 'mega-events' in Brazil, the authors provide a new, radical way of understanding these controversial developments.

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