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Transit States

Labour, Migration and Citizenship in the Gulf
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Abdulhadi Khalaf
Pluto Press
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Part 1: Introduction

1. Histories of Migration to the Gulf, by Omar AlShehabi

2. The Politics of Migration, by Abdulhadi Khalaf

3. Overcoming Methodological Nationalism: Spatial Perspectives on Migration to the Gulf Arab States, by Adam Hanieh

Part 2: Dimensions of Gulf Migration: Law, Urban Space, Gender

4. Kafala: Foundations of Migrant Exclusion in GCC Labour Markets, by Mohammed Dito

5. Rootless Hubs: Migration, Urban Commodification and the 'Right to the City' in the GCC, by Omar AlShehabi

6. Construction Work, 'Bachelor' Builders and the Intersectional Politics of Urbanisation in Dubai, by Michelle Buckley

Part 3: Gulf Migrants: Broadening Perspectives

7. Bahrain's Migrant Security Apparatus, by K T Abdulhameed

8. Expat/Expert camps: redefining 'labour' within Gulf migration, by Neha Vora

9. In and Out Moves of the Bahraini Opposition: How Years of Political Exile led to the Opening of an International Front during the 2011 Crisis in Bahrain, by Claire Beaugrand

Part IV: Conclusion

10. Migrant Rights in the Gulf: Charting the Way Forward, by Adam Hanieh


Notes on Contributors

There are vast swathes of people in economic migration across the Gulf states today. In total, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar form the largest destination for labour migration in the global South. This book studies the impact of this mass migration, and its effect on citizenship and workers' rights.*BR**BR*Transit States considers how the transitory labour power these workers provide creates an extraordinary development boom that impacts neighbouring countries. The majority of the working population is therefore composed of migrant workers with no citizenship rights. *BR**BR*The Gulf takes a central place in growing debates around migration and labour in the global economy. Transit States confronts the precarious working conditions of migrants in an accessible, yet in-depth manner.