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Fighting Corporate Abuse

Beyond Predatory Capitalism
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Corporate Reform Collective
Pluto Press
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Part 1

1. Tax Evasion and Avoidance

2. Cover-up Accounting and Auditing

3. Avoiding Liability

4. Extracting value

5. Managerial Self-interest

6. The Mirage of Corporate Social Responsibility

7. Bad banking and Market Manipulation

Part 2

8. A New Political Economy for the Corporation

9. Controls on Multinationals

10. Controlling International Tax Avoidance and Evasion

11. Reforming Systems of Governance, Accounting and Auditing

12. Controlling Market Manipulation and Short-Termism

13. Small and Locally-based Alternatives

14. Towards New Corporate Forms


Fighting Corporate Abuse demonstrates, through compelling and revelatory analysis, the legislation and regulation needed to deal with the abuses in the corporate sector that have been revealed in recent years. It highlights the more general contribution of company law and practice to the current crisis in capitalism. *BR**BR*The first section develops a controversial argument, using detailed illustrations and vivid examples which show how the various abuses of predatory capitalism have been carried out through the manipulation of the corporate form and the creation of highly complex corporate groups. The group of authors, all experts in their fields, tackle head-on the issues of tax evasion, extraction of value and asset stripping, environmental destruction and managerial self-interest. In doing so, they paint a picture of a system that is abusive, and degenerated, but also a system which can be reformed. *BR**BR*In the run up to the UK general election, the authors develop of a set of practical proposals for an incoming government, outlining how each of these abuses could be curtailed and how a more acceptable and accountable form of corporate capitalism can be developed through national and international action.*BR**BR*Drawing on the group's activism, as well as their academic experience in law, politics, economics and human rights, this will be an authoritative as well as a highly practical book.