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Tourist or Pilgrim?

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Margaret Clark
Ginninderra Press
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"Margaret Clark's poetry is a joy. I loved Frayed Edges, her first book, and I read it in one sitting, such was my delight! In this marvellous new collection, Clark continues her insightful foray into the experiences of a life well-spent. Her excellent use of metaphor is a powerful tool. For instance, Clark skilfully utilises 'Aristotle's Elements' - fire, wind, water - to address current environmental degradation. She concludes the poem by simply yet tellingly asking, 'But what of the earth, the stoic earth?…when will she turn, and say, "No more?"' Clark's vocabulary, refreshingly devoid of the merest hint of pomposity, her subtlety, gentleness of expression, humour and perception combine wonderfully. Her use of conversational language, with her delightful rhythm and pace, is special. Her poems resonate with the reader personally. Her sense of irony, indeed her quirky view of life, and her rare ability to move the reader from warm chuckles, a burst of giggles, the odd guffaw, to a sudden, surprising, slow slide of tears feature in 'Not a Love Poem', 'Seasons of Life' and 'Farewell'. Clark's poems are very much a modern woman's life story. They are enhanced by her delightful sense of humour, humility and a complete absence of pretentiousness or arrogance. Poems such as ' Oh, I Wish I Hadn't Eaten That' and 'Best We Forget' deal with life and its attendant absurdities, joys, sorrows and dramas. Margaret Clark gives voice to the thoughts and emotions of us less talented individuals. For this we can only say thank you." - Frank Brennan Dip T, B.Ed., Superintendent of Education NT (retired)

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