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Treating Nicotine Dependence with Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (PAN)

A Manual for Health Professionals
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Prof. Mark Gillman
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The need for this book was prompted by the wider understanding and recognition of the dangers of using tobacco products and the success by those of who have been treating substance abuse withdrawal with nitrous oxide/oxygen (also called PAN). Indeed, some trained physicians have been using nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation since the mid-1980's to treat substance dependence including nicotine dependence. Because the technique is so safe and simple, once a short hands-on training course has been received, it lends itself to a much wider use by almost all trained health professionals. The use of PAN for treating nicotine dependence is ideally suited for primary health care, because unlike some other severe withdrawal states, which on occasion, can have severe acute sequelae, tobacco addiction does not present with severe acute withdrawal sequelae. It therefore can be safely used on almost all patients as outpatients. Furthermore, since suitably trained nursing sisters are allowed to administer nitrous oxide at non-anaesthetic doses, they too can assist patients to quit the use of tobacco. It thus gives the health practitioner (doctor, dentist and registered nurse) an easily applied method of helping their patients to quit.

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