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It All Began With.....The Wart

A Sidesplitting Unsolved Mystery
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P. A. Zimmerman
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Robin Hoode an attractive gay, Life Coach a bit on the quirky side rides the NYC subway every day to his office. This day he unknowingly offends an old hag sitting across from him. Before he gets a chance to explain he was laughing at something that occurred prior to boarding, she shakes her arthritic index finger with crud under the nail in his face and threatens, "You will be sorry for laughing at me." As the day goes on weird things happen leading him to believe she did in fact place the curse on him. His one floor down neighbor Morris reveals Belinda (the hag) and her identical twin/ rival Miranda are responsible for the curse he lives with today. Having been lovers for years it wasn't until recently he discovered she and Miranda were messing with potions to stay young. The addiction and overuse of the drug most likely led to the rapid deterioration both physically as well as mentally. Robin seeks Morris's aid to find her. After searching for clues all day, he stops at The Neighborhood Saloon. Moments later a gorgeous guy with lavender/blue eyes approaches and offers to buy him a drink. He opens his mouth to refuse...and accepts. Robin tells his tale of woe to Milo and Milo offers a solution. Completely attracted to one another from the get go, the sexual banter braids nicely with the greed and horror and makes for a humorous unsolved mystery.

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