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How To Avoid The Pink Slip

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Wesley Poriotis
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As the author, the founder of a national executive search firm, placed thousands of executives and managers in corporate positions throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's, he witnessed a recurring pattern of jobs being offered to individuals based on the personal chemistry between employer and employee -- as much as 80% of the hiring equation revolved around this intangible concept of personal chemistry. Similarly, he found that most firings and downsizings were as a result of a lack of personal chemistry and as a lack of training or thinking about how to "survive" in the job. He interviewed hundreds of senior corporate executives across multi-industries and functions to examine why one employee would be shown the door while another in a similar professional capacity at the company would "survive". He discerned that the survivors had, like warriors of old, girded their loins against attack and built corporate moats to protect their own employment castles. Most books have been written on how to get the job -- "How to Avoid The Pink Slip" gives you the "inside skinny" or intelligence to develop the means of survival. He also, in his forty years of corporate executive search realized that no matter the job performance that all employees from the top to the bottom are potential victims of the downsizing axe and the corporate bean counters -- the finance executives who sacrifice people for profits.

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